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De oproep TETRA 2017-2018 staat open!

De oproep TETRA staat open voor onderzoeksgroepen van Vlaamse hogescholen en Vlaamse universiteiten, die actief bezig zijn met praktijkgericht onderzoek. TETRA projecten hebben tot doel beschikbare kennis te vertalen naar gevalideerde en direct bruikbare concepten of prototypes, die inspelen op de noden van en/of nieuwe markt-opportuniteiten bieden aan een ruime groep ondernemingen (kmo’s) en/of social profit organisaties. Er is daarnaast ook een kennisdoorstroming naar opleidingen aan de hogescholen en geïntegreerde opleidingen aan de universiteiten.

Meer informatie over de oproep en de link met alle documenten voor de opmaak van een projectaanvraag, kan u terugvinden in het oproepdocument.

De uiterste datum voor de elektronische indiening van de projectaanvragen is dinsdag 23 januari 2018 om 12 uur ‘s middags (; max. 10 MB/e-mail).

Infosessies en voorbesprekingen voor geïnteresseerde projectaanvragers: Het agentschap organiseert 2 infosessies en inschrijven hiervoor is verplicht:

  • maandag 23 oktober 2017 om 10:00 uur in Corda Campus NV, Kempische Steenweg 293/16 te Hasselt (treinstation Kiewit; inschrijven ten laatste maandag 16 oktober) 
  • vrijdag 27 oktober 2017 om 14:00 uur in VAC, Jacob van Maerlantgebouw, Koning Albert I laan 1-2 te Brugge (treinstation Brugge; inschrijven ten laatste vrijdag 20 oktober) 

Aanvragen tot voorbespreking (1/2 h) vraagt u samen met uw registratie voor de infosessie aan via de website, waar u een korte samenvatting van het projectvoorstel toevoegt en de eventuele vragen die u wenst te behandelen.

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I should first advise you that this conference call may contain certain announcements that are or might be esteemed to be forward-looking proclamations. These announcements depend on specific suppositions and examinations made by TETRA and depend on various variables. These announcements are liable to various dangers and vulnerabilities, a considerable lot of which are outside the ability to control of the organization. You have forewarned that such proclamations are not certifications of future execution.

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The call TETRA is open to research groups from Flemish schools and Flemish colleges, effectively occupied with functional research. TETRA projects aim to translate available knowledge to approved and significant ideas.

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TETRA ventures plan to make an interpretation of accessible learning into approved and straightforwardly relevant ideas or models that react to the requirements of offer new market chances to a huge gathering of organizations or social benefit associations. "There is likewise an information stream to college instruction and coordinated training at colleges.

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TETRA ventures plan to make an interpretation of available getting to know into approved and straightforwardly relevant thoughts or models that react to the necessities of offer new market. You may have an all-around arranged and absolutely inquired about paper along even the scarcest revel in.his turned into ought to grow to be one of these precious overall performances, without the involvement of all of us's processing. These bulletins rely upon particular suppositions and examinations made through TETRA and rely upon various variables.

The people are very friendly and polite, as long as you stay within the Flemish part. For aerospace activities you are in the right area, there is likewise a facts circulate to college training and coordinated education at schools. TETRA projects intention to translate available know-how to authorized and substantial ideas.

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The calling party chooses the ISSI or nom de plume in the versatile radio phone directory or by writing in the number utilizing the keypad. On the accepting party the call can be addressed and the client is typically informed by ring sign.

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The calling party picks the ISSI or alias in the adaptable radio telephone index or by writing in the number using the keypad. On the tolerant party the call can be tended to and the customer is ordinarily educated by ring sign.

The individuals are very friendly and well mannered, as long as you live in the Flemish part. For aerospace activities you are inside the right region, due to the fact in the Netherlands there's the simplest college for aerospace engineering and masses of activities in this region have settled in the adjoining republics.

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